Whole Body Cryotherapy is a process of cooling the whole body with extremely cold air in order to elicit positive physiological changes.  A typical treatment lasts approximately 3 minutes.  It is often used as a therapeutic treatment for sports injuries, athletic performance and for relief of aches and pains.  It is also commonly used for aesthetic benefits, including common skin problems.  For a detailed list of benefits please see more on the ‘How Can We Help’ page.


Body Composition Analysis refers to the process of measuring and analyzing the components of the body, including fat, muscle, bone, and water content. This analysis is crucial for understanding an individual’s health and fitness level. Traditional methods like Body Mass Index (BMI) provide a basic idea of health based on height and weight, but they do not distinguish between fat and muscle mass.


Our Sports Therapists are skilled health professionals who have the knowledge, skills and ability to apply treatment principles to maximize performance, preparation and injury prevention programs.

In addition, they will provide immediate care of chronic and acute injuries, rehabilitate and refer on for specialist advice and intervention when required.

They will also provide appropriate soft tissue interventions in a clinical environment. Furthermore, they will plan and implement appropriate rehabilitation and return to training/work programs.